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  • Wednesday, 10 April 2019 6 00 pm
  • Wednesday, 10 April 2019 11 55 pm

The RI Awards 2019

The legendary purple ‘R’ is back in town and at a brand new venue for 2019!

The Recruitment International Awards are back in Australia and once again this is your opportunity to win one of the most coveted and prestigious accolades in the recruitment sector.  Enter now and join us at the sparkling black tie gala awards dinner at the amazing Sofitel Hotel where recruitment professionals from all over the country will gather, eager to win the unique and iconic RI trophy.   
Do you remember the buzz and excitement from last year?

For 2019, the RI Awards will be bigger and even more entertaining as we will tweak the format, have a few surprises and finish the gala dinner by dancing the night away. Make certain you recognise and celebrate the hard work and achievements of your staff by submitting your entries before the deadline. The RI awards continues to recognise innovation and best practice in the Australian recruitment industry.  Our incredible range of industry judges are ready and waiting to assess and reward only the best recruitment companies and their people in a true celebration of our brilliant industry.

Find out more about the Awards night here.

Photos from the evening can be viewed here.



Entries open on Monday 7th January 2019

Deadline for entries – Friday 22nd March 2019
Shortlisted companies notified – Friday 29th March 2019
Winners crowned – Wednesday 10th April 2019

Growth Company of the Year
Specialist Recruitment Company of the Year
Training & Development Initiative of the Year
Back Office Support Team of the Year
The Diversity & Inclusion Champion
Best Small Recruitment Company To Work For (1-10 employees)
Best Medium Recruitment Company To Work For (11-49 employees)
Best Large Recruitment Company To Work For (50 + employees)
The Rising Star
The Best CSR Initiative
The Recruitment Brand of the Year
The Outstanding Marketing Campaign of the Year
The Best Use of Recruitment Technology
The Recruitment industry Innovator of the Year
The Business Leader of the Year
The RI Hall of Fame

Recruiter Insider Categories

The Best Consultant for Client Service
The Best Consultant for Candidate Experience

The Best Company for Client Service
The Best Company for Candidate Experience


More details on each category can be found below


To enter the awards and to reserve your dinner places please visit our awards page on Eventbrite:

Awards entries are just A$180 per entry and you can enter as many categories as you like. (for Recruiter Insider categories see below)

Dinner places are just A$250 per person or book a table of 10 for just A$2,250.
Dinner places include welcome drinks, 3-course dinner with drinks throughout and the evening culminates with a musical finale.

For details contact: David Head in the UK: 
Tel: + 44 (0) 1483 740874


The Best Recruitment Company for Client Service
The Best Recruitment Company for Candidate Experience
NEW – The Best Consultant for Client Service
NEW – The Best Consultant for Candidate Experience

As announced at our 2018 awards, these four great categories will be independently judged and verified by your clients and candidates via Recruiter Insider.  There is no cost to enter these four award categories, you just need to obtain a minimum number of reviews from the Recruiter Insider platform.  The direct results and feedback that you are given by your candidates and customers will decide our winners.  This ensures that it is the marketplace itself that gives us the 4 winners in each category – who knows one company could provide all 4 winners!

All you need to do is be registered with and your clients and candidates will do the rest. If you are already a Recruiter Insider client, then you are already in the running!! 

For details, to sign up and any questions regarding Recruiter Insider contact CEO, Justin Hillier at or call +61 488 208 248


Specialist Recruitment Company of the Year

Profiling some of Australia’s best niche operators this award will firmly set apart businesses with a focus on best practice in a specific key vertical or specialisation. The judges will be looking for a company that leads in its niche market whichever the discipline you specialise in: IT, medical, digital marketing, Finance etc. This award is not for a generalist, multi discipline recruitment company. 

Entrants will be required to provide detailed information on their depth of knowledge in the vertical they operate in as well as providing financial information which supports their application. Have you won awards for your recruitment expertise in the sector, what do you do that is unique?  Are you able to source and supply unique candidates? Provide one key client testimonial that endorses your services and substantiates any claims.  If you are a 'me too' recruitment company, then this is not the category for you.

Training & Development Initiative of the Year

We want to hear from recruitment companies that have implemented a new initiative or strategy for the development of their consultants or other teams within their organisation in the past 2 years. The program does not have to be sales based, it will, however, have had dramatic results for the people involved and the business itself. Entries will need to clearly demonstrate the objectives, how the initiative was deployed and the outcomes achieved.  The initiative should be for more than one person.

The Business Leader of the Year

Is your business led by a visionary leader, an individual who has specifically driven the business to a different level? Our judges would like to see financial results over the last three years to back up their claims, as well as looking at what actions they have especially taken in the last twelve months to make them an outstanding candidate for the award this year? Has the person opened new divisions, new territories, new business lines, have they drastically changed the face of the organisation?

What is it that makes this individual really stand out? What have they done that is exceptional, how are they viewed by the company’s employees and how have they gone that extra mile to illustrate they deserve this Award? How are they perceived outside of the industry for the work they do in it? Have they been recognised in other Entrepreneurial Awards programmes?

Back Office Support Team of the Year

The winners of this award will show true synergy between their back office team and the rest of the business. We are looking for your shining stars those who don’t often get the recognition they deserve and yet are an essential part of the business. We want to hear why this team are so special, why they work so well together, what they do on a daily basis and exactly what they do that is of benefit to the business. It may be a specific project they have taken on, new initiatives or long-term support which has aided in the success of your business.  You must clearly demonstrate that the team has done a lot more than just their day job!

The Diversity & Inclusion Champion

The Diversity and Inclusion Award is an acknowledgment bestowed upon a company which actively promotes inclusive excellence. This business and its people contributes to and enhances not only itself but also the reputation of the recruitment industry through a sustained commitment to improving opportunities for the diverse communities it serves.

The Diversity and Inclusion Award recipient will clearly demonstrate an exceptional understanding of diversity and inclusiveness beyond the expected norm as evidenced by:
- Enhances inclusion through positive communication between persons of different backgrounds.
- Develops innovative methods for increasing and valuing diversity throughout the recruitment process.
- Demonstrates outstanding efforts to promote an environment free from bias and discrimination.
- Organises, creates and facilitates various candidate and client events promoting diversity, respect, and inclusiveness.

Sponsored by

The Best Recruitment Company for Client Service
The Best Recruitment Company for Candidate Experience
NEW – The Best Consultant for Client Service
NEW – The Best Consultant for Candidate Experience

As announced at our 2018 awards, these four great categories will be independently judged and verified by your clients and candidates via Recruiter Insider.  There is no cost to enter these four award categories, you just need to obtain a minimum number of reviews from the Recruiter Insider platform.  The direct results and feedback that you are given by your candidates and customers will decide our winners.  This ensures that it is the marketplace itself that gives us the 4 winners in each category – who knows one company could provide all 4 winners!

All you need to do is be registered with and your clients and candidates will do the rest. If you are already a Recruiter Insider client, then you are already in the running!! 

For details, to sign up and any questions regarding Recruiter Insider contact CEO, Justin Hillier at or call +61 488 208 248

Recruitment International's Hall of Fame Award

You do not need to supply any information for this category – just send us in your nomination – we should instantly know who you are talking about.

 Growth Company of the Year

Based on the previous 3 financial years’ results, nominees will be required to detail the profitability of the business, fully map out its growth and share the financial information that supports the application. The judges will take into account the size of the business as well as its split between temp/contract and perm.  Sector specialisation is also factored in so that the winner really can claim to be the growth company of the year. Special consideration is made to those who can clearly demonstrate that this growth is sustainable.

Supported by

Best Recruitment Company To Work For Small - (1-10 employees)

Best Recruitment Company To Work For Medium - (11 - 49 employees)

Best Recruitment Company To Work For Large - (50 + employees)

Please explain why your company should be considered for these award categories.  Include all the relevant information that you feel will support your case, what makes you unique and therefore an employer of choice? Why do you stand head and shoulders above your competitors? If a prospective recruiter had to choose between your company or a competitor, why would they choose you?

You must have a solid track record of success and this success should flow through every aspect of your business.  List achievements such as other workplace awards - quote retention levels and list previous achievements as well as other awards and accreditations.

Show the judges that you have a clear and proven career development plan with an ongoing commitment to training as well as a strong staff incentive scheme.

The judges will want to know how many employees you have, the split between male and female both across the board and at Director level – how you address diversity and other employee engagement programmes. Why this year especially should you win this Award?

The Rising Star

Open to recruitment companies that are less than 3 years old, this Award looks at which companies have had a major and immediate impact on their marketplace. What have they already achieved which has catapulted them to stardom. The judges will want to see what the new business brings to its marketplace, just what does it do to innovate in that sector? Show us that the business has established itself and is continuing to grow. Back up your entry with a testimonial from a customer who has recognised your new service offering

The Best CSR Initiative

For this award we are looking for a recruitment organisation whose CSR initiative fully supports their business and its beliefs, goals and ethics. We are looking for your long term commitment to your initiative creating sustainability within your chosen cause/charity. We want to hear how you have created full engagement throughout the business allowing as many members of staff as possible to get involved. We want to know why you have supported this charity, what specific activities you have performed and how these have not only benefited the charity, but your organisation too. A testimonial from the beneficiary is a given.  Consideration will be given to the business and its size and number of employees, do you punch above your weight when it comes to CSR?

Recruitment Brand of the Year

A joined up brand message delivered to candidates, clients and staff is critical in our industry. The winning firm will have clearly displayed consistency, creativity, honesty and thought in the messages behind their brand.  What has your business done in the past twelve months that has elevated your brand? Have you redesigned your corporate identity or rolled out a highly effective new brand identity campaign? Tell us what you have done and how this has positively affected your business and the people working in it. Perhaps you have relaunched a completely new and revolutionary website? Are you the company with its name on everyone’s lips?


supported by

Open to recruitment companies and all their digital recruitment campaigns run in Australia during 2017/8.  Campaigns can be via a website, social media, traditional print or a combination of some or all. You will have to show our judges what the brief was, how you met and went beyond the brief and the results you achieved.  What was unique and innovative about the campaign and why should it win you this Award? How did you work so effectively with your client and let us know their feedback?


The Best Use of Recruitment Technology

The much heralded rise of Artificial Intelligence has led many to fear for the future of our sector. We say that’s a nonsense and the growing sophistication of technology actually enhances and enables the best recruiters to raise their standards and service to even higher levels.  We want to know what technology you have adopted over the past 2 years and how has that helped you to turbo charge your offering.

Tell us why you chose the technology, what you hoped to achieve and demonstrate how successful this has been.

supported by

The Recruitment Industry Innovator of the Year

The recruitment industry is highly competitive and with over 7,000 companies operating in the sector it is hard to be truly innovative.  This Award looks for the one company that really has re-written the rule book and come up with a revolutionary new way of doing things. This could be a technology shift, a brand new concept in delivery or a completely new way of operating.  Perhaps you have introduced a revolutionary incentive scheme? Let our judges know what your game changer has been and how this has benefitted the business. 

Judges tips & pointers

Ensure each point of the criteria is addressed – if you don’t meet one of them, best to say so (saves the judges trying to find it in vain!).

Fill out the numbers, they are confidential and frame how the business is performing. If your numbers are not ‘healthy’, e.g. profit is down, despite higher turnover, it’s a good idea to explain why this is.

Provide evidence and third party endorsements to back up the points being made with testimonials from all three key stakeholders ie candidates, clients and consultants

Stick to the word count, avoid formatting and bullet point your answers to help visually.

Really explain why you should win the award THIS year.

Don’t use only 800 words when you are given 1000 words, UNLESS you totally nail it

Don’t use the word “evidence” and not supply data to support it. 

You’ve sent lots of links in your submissions?  I’ve yet to find paper that clever.

Be passionate and real – and talk about the people who make up your business.

Not providing your financials when the submission doc demands them? Silly!

You tell us a fact but offer no data to support this, eg, our interview to placement ratio is industry leading? Really what actually is it?

Avoid too many generic comments, such as “we provide outstanding client service” or “we provide a dynamic working environment for our staff and excellent opportunities for progression”. Back up these claims with as many facts as possible. Client and contractor surveys, testimonials, staff satisfaction surveys, staff retention rates etc.   We are also seeing an increase in the number of agencies who monitor their Net Promotor Scores.

If possible, the investment in training should be quantified in terms of hours and monetary value and the return on that investment should also be reported in an awards entry. That could for example translate into the number of promotions, an improvement in net fee income, margins, client retention or staff productivity.

Judges are increasingly looking for examples of CSR initiatives, as well as a focus on diversity and inclusion in the workforce.

Don’t get fixated on one thing about your business that you think you do amazingly well – others may not think it is that important, or that great.

Make sure the vision and strategy of the business are clearly and concisely articulated in the written submission – don’t waffle or give an unclear message. You need to be crystal clear and punchy.

Be prepared to answer the question: how will winning this award affect your business? Or, what are you going to do about it if you win this award?

Avoid ‘management speak’ or clichéd/over-used industry phrases – the chances are somebody before you has already used it, and it will weaken your pitch. Keep it factual and clear.

You won’t win an award based on things you are going to do, only on things you have actually done (and have evidence for – both the doing, and the effectiveness of). Don’t try to sell your vision of what your business will be like in two years’ time, or what you want it to be. You’ll only win it based on what it is now, and what it already does.

In summary, winning an award can provide real benefits for recruitment agencies, but success will not come down to offering staff free bowls of fruit and reward trips. Rather, the entry needs to be crammed full of evidence to demonstrate how you set yourself apart from other agencies in an incredibly crowded market. 



Charles Cameron, RCSA Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years’ experience in the workforce solutions industry, Charles experience spans across economics, advocacy, risk management, lobbying, compliance and professional standards.
 Before taking on the role of Chief Executive, Charles was an equity Partner with FCB, Australia’s largest dedicated workplace legal and consulting firm, prior to which he founded and grew his own consulting firm which specialised in lobbying and risk management within the recruitment and employment services industry.  He gained invaluable experience working with IPA, one of Australia’s most established recruitment firms, where he was the Workplace Relations and Safety Manager as well as  7 years working as an Advisor and Advocate for Australian Industry Group.  In addition to his successful professional services career he  founded a tech start up in 2006, which continues to successfully service the recruitment market today. 
Charles joined the RCSA as Chief Executive in May 2016, and since that time has established the foundations for an employment services certification scheme which will define professional service providers within the marketplace in Australia and New Zealand for years to come. 
Charles is a Director of the World Employment Confederation and holds the position of Quality Standards and Compliance Officer on the Executive Committee of the Board.  Charles holds a Bachelor of Economics and Graduate Diploma in Labour law. Born in country Victoria, Charles lives in Elsternwick, Melbourne and can be found running, watching cricket and listening to soul music. 

David Carman
Managing Director, RealiseNow Pty

David Carman has had a significant impact on the Recruitment industry over the last 25 years. He has successfully founded, managed and grown innovative Recruitment companies, HR Tech Start Up organisations (VideoMyJob) and Recruitment Training company (CarmanWhite).
He has personally trained and developed over 13,000 people across Australia and in NZ, HK, Singapore, Ireland, UK and the USA. The intersection between Recruitment, People and Technology is where David spends his time.    His current focus is providing Executive coaching to fellow entrepreneurial leaders and building VideoMyJob's global footprint.

Justin Hillier

For over 17 years, Justin Hillier has worked in the recruitment industry, on almost every front.  Starting as a recruiter back when the yellow pages was still the lead source, he spent many years at Seek as it grew from market minnow to market leader, helping manage some of Seeks' biggest clients.  Throughout his career he has worked as a recruiter, helped clients attract the best talent, worked with ATS providers, helped companies with graduate programs and consulted on social media's use in recruitment.  Today he is Founder and CEO of Recruiter Insider.

Recruiter Insider focuses on three key elements, the candidate experience, client satisfaction and improvement in all ways, always.  Recruiter Insider collects data in real-time from candidates and clients and benchmarks, identifies and highlights areas for improvement for every consultant, for every stage of the recruitment process.  Integrated with your ATS, Recruiter Insider provides a seamless, data-driven analysis of your business sentiment, from top to bottom.

Ross Clennett

Ross is a high performance recruitment coach and recruitment industry blogger and commentator. As a professional recruiter, between 1989 and 2003, Ross screened over 80,000 resumes, interviewed over 3,000 people and successfully placed over 1,500 people in work. Over this time he worked in London, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne.

Since 2003 Ross has run his own business,, providing a range of services to the recruitment industry in Australia and New Zealand, predominantly high performance coaching and online recruitment and leadership programs.

Ross has been professionally recognised by the designation, Fellow (FRCSA) awarded by the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (Aus & NZ). In 2011 and 2012 Ross was a national finalist in the RCSA’s Outstanding Contribution Award given in recognition of, amongst other criteria, to a person who has raised the professionalism of the industry through their contribution.

Ross started his career with the UK’s largest public recruitment company, Hays, back in Australia two years later he commenced working for Australian recruitment industry leader, Greg Savage, at Recruitment Solutions. He built a high billing personal temp desk before hiring and coaching a number of consultants who have subsequently developed into top performing consultants in their respective niches. Subsequently Ross worked at SACS Consulting and the Slade Group, both in Melbourne.

Stewart Rogers

Stewart Rogers brings over 25 years’ experience of building businesses and creating shareholder value in the recruitment and human capital management sectors. He has an enviable reputation of helping shape leadership teams in the industry that deliver both outstanding customer service to their clients as well as impressive profit growth over a sustained period that ultimately creates real shareholder value and returns.

Including his current portfolio, he has been on the Board of over a dozen recruitment businesses covering a wide spectrum of sectors, including being instrumental in bringing the following businesses successfully to market – Goodman Graham (NED); Odgers (COO and then NED); TechPartners (NED); White & Nunn (Chairman); James Harvard (Chairman) and Nurse Plus (Chairman). The combined total value realised for these businesses adds up to over £150m.

He is currently Chairman of three leading recruitment businesses – Morgan McKinley (finance and accounting); Templine (Industrial) and Hallam Medical - as well remaining on the Board of Nurse Plus (Domiciliary Care) as the Senior Independent NED and also being Chairman of JSA, one the leading and most innovative firms in the Professional Employment and Payroll Services sector. These five businesses have a combined NFI of over £100m and collectively employ just over 1,000 people.

Ian Nash 

Ian has 25 years of experience with the recruitment market. His previous roles have included group board director roles for both Michael Page and Robert Walters. During his 13 year spell at Page, the business was transformed from a UK-centric financial recruitment company to the multidisciplinary international recruitment company that exists today. Page and Walters both dramatically grew in terms of scale, profitability and market value while Ian was a director. 

John Rose

John has spent most of his working career in the recruitment sector, having started in the industry in the late 1980s. John has an impressive track record leading successful business turnarounds and driving profitability. Whilst CEO of Hudson’s UK/Ireland operation, he integrated 12 acquisitions, re-shaped the business and grew profitability (EBITDA) from (£100k) to £11.3m. As CEO of Kellan Group Plc he returned the loss-making Berkeley Scott business to profitability and led the acquisition of Quantica Plc. John was most recently CEO of FiveTen Group where he built a strategy based on specialist recruitment brands, took the business into immature, less commoditised markets and significantly increased the Group's profitability. Through his own venture, Vered Consulting, John now acts as Mentor/NED/Operating Partner to recruitment businesses and their leaders, helping them through their growing pains and  both building and delivering sustainable and valuable strategies.

Sue Cooper

Sue's recruitment career spans over three decades and three leading recruitment  businesses. Following a seven year tenure at Hays Plc Sue joined Page Group in 1992 as part of the Page Personnel senior team helping to grow the business from 18 to over 300 UK staff. After a long and very successful career at Page Group Sue moved to join Morgan Hunt - a privately owned public service recruiter. During her six years with Morgan Hunt Sue was promoted to MD and in 2016 CEO. The business enjoyed significant success & growth and in 2015 was voted RI Best Recruitment Company further awards followed as the business matured. Early 2017 saw Sue step down and retire from the corporate world and moving on to set up her own business - Scoop Consultancy offering her services to SMEs across sector wanting to use her experience to help achieve growth & success.

Sue is passionate about the challenges facing the female leader in the recruitment sector and keen to share her experience to help others.

Miles Hunt

Miles is an entrepreneur, board advisor and investor with over 20 years’ experience building successful companies.  He is a former lawyer and the founder and former CEO of Empresaria, Group, a staffing company that he built to over £200m revenues with operations in 20 countries.  He now invests in and advises companies primarily within the Human Capital Services sector through his investment company Benula Capital.  He is currently Chairman of Serocor, a UK based IT and Engineering recruitment group, Darwin, a technology recruitment company operating across Europe, Davidson, an Australia based talent management company and Oasis HR, a London based HR recruitment company.  He is also Chairman of the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (“APSCo”). Awards include Staffing industry Entrepreneur of the Year (Recruitment International) and national finalist Ernst &Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

David Higgins

David spent circa 20 years building Harvey Nash plc into a £500m turnover global professional services organisation.  David's roles have encompassed Managing Director, Chief Executive, Executive Deputy Chairman and most recently Non-Executive Deputy Chairman.  As a highly effective senior international business leader, his past successes have included growing Harvey Nash significantly in terms of size, revenue and profits as well as expanding a previously UK-centric business into a global organisation covering Europe, Asia-Pacific and the USA. David has a proven track record in creating growth, both organically and via strategic acquisitions. He has also taken a private business through to a successful flotation on the London Stock Exchange. He currently advises entrepreneurs and owners of SME companies.

Suhail Mirza

Suhail qualified in the City and practiced as an employment lawyer for several years. He was owner of a healthcare business (employing over 220 people) for 12 years which he successfully sold in 2014. He is also extremely well connected within the recruitment sector across both listed and privately held businesses.

Over the past decade he has worked with investors in the recruitment and support services sectors. He has written the City Page for RI since 2006 and also writes for leading healthcare journals.

Most recently he has become a Non Executive Director at H1 Healthcare( the nursing and care provider based in Scotland) and also leads the Healthcare Practice at Alium Partners the well known interim business. He has a range of interests in support service providers including partnering with Virgin Fastrack 100 business RACS Group and is Chairman at CPD safe and Non Executive Director at Argonaut.

Adam Fletcher 

Adam has over 20 years’ experience in the recruitment sector, mostly as an operator but more latterly as an investor and NED / advisor.  Adam starting his recruitment career joining a graduate training scheme for an IT staffing business called Computer People. After much success in sales and management was appointed as UK Managing Director in 2003. He spent the next 5 years at the helm and more than doubled the size of the business to over 350 recruiters and £40+m net fees. Subsequently, Adam held Board Appointments at Ajilon, Adecco UK and Elan Computing (now Experis). In 2011 joined Hamilton Bradshaw Private Equity to launch a buy and build programme focussed upon specialist recruitment. Adam led 6 acquisitions to create an integrated recruitment business generating more than £20m net fees, now trading as Ignata. Today, Adam works with a portfolio of specialist SME recruiters, primarily advising on growth planning, value enhancement and exit realisation. 

Geraldine King, Chief Executive, National Recruitment Federation (NRF)

Geraldine is a qualified technician, trainer, and leadership coach who started her career in the electronic industry. During this time of her career, she worked for three of the major multinationals in various supervisory and senior management roles in the technical, quality, and training departments. She spent seven years with Grafton Recruitment where she managed three of their offices on the east coast. 

She joined the Federation in 2009 and is responsible for the running of the NRF office and all divisions of the Federation, including all PR & Marketing and internal communications. Since her arrival to the NRF she has been focused on expanding the services of the NRF to members, has introduced the accredited Certificate in recruitment practice to the Irish recruitment industry and is committed to developing a full academic career path for recruiters in Ireland.

Geraldine is a member of the council board of the Fingal Dublin Chamber, and a member of the MBA interview panel at Dublin City University.

She is currently studying for a Masters in Human Resource Management. Married to Martin they have 2 daughters Nikki and Aimee.

The National Recruitment Federation is a voluntary organisation set up to promote and maintain standards across the recruitment industry in Ireland for recruitment agencies.

Dave Pye, CEO, NextGear

Dave has had a stellar career in the professional services arena with a significant focus within the recruitment sector.  He is known as a key speaker, writer and influencer.  Dave has worked with organisations across Europe and has been responsible as MD for two of the UK’s largest public recruitment companies.   As well as working within the private equity community, Dave has also led and grown niche, private companies before becoming co-Founder of NextGear, a Scale-Up Management Consulting firm specialising within talent and technology.   Dave is an NED of a number of recruitment companies and a passionate ambassador for the power recruitment brings to the UK economy. Dave is married with 6 kids and in whatever spare time he has, works as a Trustee with two charities focusing on education and international humanitarian relief.  

Graham Palfery-Smith – 6CATS 

Graham Palfery-Smith has been involved in the recruitment industry for almost 40 years. He is an accomplished and highly experienced strategic senior manager who has built and run a wide range of specialist recruitment businesses internationally, including HW GroupFaroFiveTen Group and parts of Robert Walters; having extensive international M&A experience in the sector, with experience of more than 50 transactions. Presently, Graham, is Chairman of 6CATS InternationalebstaCoppergate International and Spring FF&E and non-executive director of several businesses including Executives in Africacube19The Recruitment Network and Capital International Staffing. An enthusiastic supporter of the industry he retains his passion for the sector despite his advancing years!

 Tim Moynihan 

A qualified accountant, Tim had an executive career and was a Finance Director with Hays. On leaving Hays, Tim embarked on a portfolio career and has for nearly twenty years specialised as an advisor to entrepreneur, family owned, and private equity backed staffing and recruitment firms. These include Huntswood, Astbury Marsden, Change Recruitment Group, Directorbank, Techpartners and Trinity Group. He has held several senior roles, including chairman, non-executive director and advisor. Tim is currently a non-executive director of Education Placement Group, McGinley Support Services and Proco Global.

Simon Michaels Bsc(Hons) FCA

Simon Michaels is a qualified Chartered Accountant, who provides business and financial consultancy to a range of corporations. He offers a flexible solution to managing corporate finances, which is tailored to suit the client’s needs.

As a Chief Financial Officer, he has demonstrated his strategic and commercial skills at Group Board level and has a proven track record in the review of acquisition targets, due diligence and business integration, as well as providing a hands-on approach to assess the broader strategic issues.

He has held senior financial positions in both private and public companies, including Harvey Nash Group plc, the specialist recruitment services provider. He was Finance Director of the Group’s UK & US Operations for three years and, prior to that, Finance Director of UK Operations, having joined the business in 2000. Simon was also involved in the restructuring of Harvey Nash and the acquisition and integration of new businesses.

Simon has worked with many businesses over the last 10 years, including Digital Gurus Limited; as CFO and Board Member Simon was instrumental in the sale to Rethink Group Limited. More recently, Simon was CFO of Henlow Recruitment Group Ltd who was recently sold to nGage.

Simon is now CEO of HW Fisher Business Solutions, the business support arm of HW Fisher. Specialists in providing back office and CFO services, HW Fisher Business Solutions works with a wide range of clients, from start-ups to established businesses across many industries and service sectors.

HW Fisher is a top 25 UK chartered accountancy firm. They have 32 partners and around 320 staff in London. Their reputation is grounded in quality and reliability, delivering outstanding advisory services quickly and effectively.

Jordan Betteridge​ - Director of Aus & NZ - Volcanic

Jordan is the Director of Australia & New Zealand at Volcanic. A seasoned business leader with years of experience in the marketing, advertising and recruitment technology sectors, Jordan brings in-depth knowledge of how the right technology drives the recruitment industry forward and to grow business of all sizes. 

Audrey Bailly - Sales Manager ANZ - JobAdder

"As Sales Manager ANZ for JobAdder, Audrey’s customer-centric background means that she is genuinely invested in the service the recruitment platform provides to its clients, and in ensuring technology products make business sense. As a solutions- focussed person who cares about the “why”, Audrey is perfectly placed to help drive JobAdder’s growth in the region.

JobAdder was founded in 2007 on the premise that recruitment didn’t have to be so hard, setting off on a singular quest to improve the recruitment process. The company’s goal is to  empower recruitment teams that use JobAdder to spend more time doing work that adds real human value. "