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Japanese recruiters showing market positivity

It’s been a busy week for listed recruitment companies in Japan, with results announcements from six leading companies. 

Fullcast Holdings’ Q3 performance was up all round. Turnover increased 16.1% to ¥32,738m (forecast ¥42,300m) and profits were up 23.5% to ¥3,618m (forecast ¥4,593m). JAC International also performed well. Q3 turnover of ¥18,893m was up 9.5% (¥24,226m) profits up 13.5% to ¥3,632m (¥4,112m). 

Altech Corporation recorded Q3 turnover up 6.8% at ¥25,352m (¥35,470m) and profits up 8.8% to ¥2,025m (¥2,680m). Meitec’s Q2 turnover grew 4.1% to ¥49,577m (¥101,800m) and profits increased slightly by 2.2% to ¥3,970m (¥8,800m).

There were mixed fortunes for UT Group whose Q2 turnover was up 6.5% at ¥51,638m (¥120,000m), however, profits were down 14.2% at ¥1,749m (¥6,200m). Similarly, Q2 turnover at WDB Group was up 5.0% to ¥21,434m (¥46,638m), profits were down 7.5% to ¥1,422m (¥3,100m).

Tsukui Corporation’s net sales were up 4.5% to ¥45,011m in Q2 2020. Profits, however, were down 27.8% to ¥910m.

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