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Only 17% of females asked for a pay rise in 2018, Adecco reveals

The Adecco Group recently polled over 5,000 employers and workers from around Australia and found that only 17% of females asked for a pay rise in 2018 compared to 23% of men. 

This is set to shift dramatically in 2019 on both sides with 50% of females projected to ask for a pay rise compared to 63% of men. While this highlights that both sexes are becoming increasingly aware of their value in the workplace and are gaining confidence to ask for what they believe they are worth, this can only lead to more disparity between male and female salaries. 

The survey also uncovered that only 30% of workplaces assessed the salaries of those in the same team/department when considering requests from staff for pay increases further worsening the issue.

CEO of The Adecco Group in Australia, Rafael Moyano, said, “When managers do not take a balanced approach and consider the team or department in their decision-making process, differences in wages within the group overall is a realistic outcome that businesses are faced with.  The compounding result of this is a wide gap among staff who are doing the same tasks within the same team, in the same organisation.”

When asked if they have targets set to create a gender diverse workforce, 53% of businesses surveyed indicated that they did not currently have any targets in place.

Further, when asked what percentage of their workforce is female an overwhelming 74% said they had less than 50% of females within their business. Of the 74%, only 53% of them are working towards increasing the gender balance. This shows that there is still a long way to go in terms of having gender balance common place in workplaces across Australia.

The Adecco survey also highlighted that 35% of workplaces are using inclusive language in the job ads. For young females especially, they can’t be what they can’t see, so imagery is an important asset to consider when promoting a balanced workplace, however only 13% of respondents indicated they are using female orientated imagery.

For many businesses, changing the culture can be a challenge.  Adecco found that 26% of workplaces are proactively training hiring managers on unconscious bias, with 43% of workplaces having a company diversity policy in place. 

Moyano added, “Change can only be made if the topic is on the agenda and managers take a proactive approach to making a change. Being a Workplace Gender Equality Ambassador I want to encourage all workplaces to review their activities and see if they can be doing more to help create the balance we all need.”

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