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60% of workers have flexible working arrangements, Adecco finds

The increasing pressure on workplace flexibility is proving challenging to some workplaces. The Adecco Group recently conducted its annual workplace survey of over 5,000 people Australia-wide and found that 60% of today’s workers have flexible working arrangements.

The demand from workers for flexibility in their roles continues to rise and it is now no longer an optional benefit to workplaces if they wish to retain highly skilled staff. 

Rafael Moyano, CEO in Australia for The Adecco Group, commented, “Workplace flexibility is no longer a ‘nice to have.’ It is now an imperative benefit that employers must offer to stay competitive and be attractive to potential candidates. In today’s candidate-driven market, with unemployment rates under 6%, the candidate is in the driver seat. If a company doesn’t offer the most enticing benefits, top talent will look elsewhere.”

Some business can find it difficult to continue with team collaboration and innovation through offering staff flexibility, however, with 40% of Australian workplaces offering remote working, 26% offering flexible hours and 12% offering a compressed working week, taking an individual approach to an employee’s needs is what is required.

Moyano added, “The world of work is now enabled by forms of technology so employees can work seamlessly from anywhere. However, while technology has evolved drastically over the last decade, the traditional working environment has remained static. It’s time that our working styles evolve as rapidly as technology.”

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