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Forsite Recruitment opens Chicago office

Australian-based Forsite Recruitment has opened an office in Chicago, headed up by Kelly Pallanti, further expanding the company’s international presence.


Forsite recruitment director, Rachael Nelson, said, “We reached out to Kelly earlier this year to congratulate her on winning a national SHRM award. We started talking and after meeting at the 2018 SHRM International Conference in Chicago, we saw synergies and recognised shared business beliefs, values and ethics around service delivery that we could build on.


“We have offices in Sydney and the Central Coast in Australia and expanded into Hawaii in November 2017. After talking with Kelly we realised that while Chicago and Sydney are geographically very different, candidates and clients in both are actually quite similar in how they want to be treated and the issues they face.”


Pallanti (pictured) said she was excited to be working with Forsite Recruitment and sharing her knowledge and skills to build the Forsite Recruitment brand in the US. She sees a number of similarities between Australia and Chicago, particularly with the large number of infrastructure projects currently in underway in both locations. She commented, “We love collaborating together and combining our experiences to grow an international brand with a focus on understanding our local markets, sourcing the right staff and acting as advisors to our clients.


“It is the start of an exciting journey for us. As major cities, both Chicago and Sydney have significant service based industries, the types of which are heavily influenced by local, national and international political environments and social trends


“Skills shortages, in key areas such as the STEM industries, are rampant in both markets and unemployment rates are comparable - Chicago is sitting at 5 per cent (Bureau of Labor Statistics) and Australia’s has also just been adjusted to 5 per cent (Australian Bureau of Statistics) also.


“It’s also an exciting time in Chicago as we’re undertaking a billion-dollar infrastructure plan, which recently included an extra 40,000 jobs to the economy.”


Forsite recruitment managing director, Ryan De Coteau,, added, “Adding global partnerships increases our ability to remain a step ahead and deliver global insights with local knowledge. This is the primary benefit to clients and candidates in the Chicago and Sydney markets.


“By tapping into new ways of recruiting and training, we know we will keep pace with the market as it evolves. We don’t want to be playing catch up and we have every opportunity to strategically position ourselves, which is exactly what we have done with this partnership.”


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