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81% of jobseekers adapt their CV for algorithm screening, Hays finds

Four in five jobseekers have or plan to adapt their CV and online profiles for initial screening by an algorithm, according to Hays.

In an online poll of over 6,000 people conducted by the recruiter, 27% indicated they have already adapted their CV and online profiles. Another 54% plan to do so in the coming 12 months. Just 19% have no plans to adapt.

Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand, said, “Artificial intelligence (AI) and automated machine learning algorithms are being utilised in every industry, including recruitment.

“Typically, it is time consuming and repetitive tasks that are being automated. In the case of recruitment, one job ad can elicit hundreds, sometimes thousands, of responses. Many of these may be inappropriate but all must be screened in order to identify the suitable candidates. If a recruiter does not advertise, they’ll instead use digital technology and data science to examine large amounts of data to find the most suitable people for a job.

“With the aid of AI and algorithms, such time consuming processes now take seconds, allowing recruiters and hiring managers to provide a more personal service and engage with skilled and experienced professionals.”

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