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43% of Australian employees intent on staying with current employer

Employees in Australia are reporting a stronger intent to stay with their organisation than the global average, according to Gartner, Inc. The 1Q 2018 Global Talent Monitor report shows that 43.1% of employees in Australia report a high intent to stay with their organisation, compared to the international average of 32.4%.

The report goes on to reveal that Australian employees rank the top attributes for considering an employer to be work-life balance (61.8%), followed location (44.4%) and respect (34.8%). The top attrition drivers for leaving an employer include, future career opportunity (40.6%), people management (36.4%) and development opportunity (33.7%).

Management issues are still a factor in why Australian employees leave their organisation. People management, manager quality (ranked sixth in attrition drivers), and senior leadership reputation (ranked tenth in attrition drivers) all are listed within the top 10 attrition drivers.

In the face of increased competition and overnight changes to products and services, organisations need to ensure they have high performing managers who can develop employee skills and unite talent from within the business to deliver results and improve engagement. 

Aaron McEwan, HR advisory leader at Gartner, commented, “The manager best positioned to improve performance in the current work environment is the Connector Manager; a skilled team member who links employees to the right people and resources at the right time, to get the job done.”

Gartner data reveals that this manager type can improve employee performance by up to 26% and increase employee engagement by up to 40%, all whilst navigating the complexities of today’s workplace.

Just one in four managers demonstrate the connector leadership attributes and they can be tricky to find. Gartner suggests organisations looking to develop connector managers should encourage people to:

§  Take an active role to ensure high-quality development connections

§  Don’t just delegate development responsibilities

§  Help employees get more value from their development connections, not focus just on enlarging employees’ networks

McEwan concluded, “Connector Managers proactively unite employees to an organisation’s culture, engagement and leadership team, addressing the current concerns that could see valued team members look for employment opportunities elsewhere.”

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