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RI partners with FluentIQ

Recruitment International has partnered with FluentIQ.


FluentIQ is a robust test of real-world English communication designed for the talent industry. It helps individuals stand out from the crowd and avoid bias when applying for jobs. It also helps organisations increase diversity and make low-risk hiring decisions. It encourages best practice in the selection process and will raise standards in the recruitment industry, all top priorities for RI.


To celebrate the partnership, FluentIQ has offered to provide its unique services to RI members and readers at a great discounted rate. Information on the offer, plus how FluentIQ can provide support with unconscious bias, is included below:


As a new partner of RI, FluentIQ is offering a further 10% discount on its volume discount packages and a complimentary 10 test trial of its English Communication Capability Testing to all RI readers and members.  FluentIQ allows you to understand the full written and spoken English capabilities of your candidates with built in video, helping to avoid bias in the recruitment process and increasing organisational diversity. For more information on Fluent IQ’s English testing, email

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