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FastTrack360 launches MarketPlace

Leveraging the open architecture design of FastTrack360, FastTrack has introduced its new MarketPlace that invites other third-party solution providers to integrate with the core FastTrack360.

The company says this evolution moves FastTrack away from the traditional ‘build it and they will come’ software mentality and gives customers the power to expand beyond core FastTrack360 functionality by onboarding other third-party applications that meet the specific needs of their business. The API framework built by FastTrack allows these applications to seamlessly share data and perform many different functions.

“FastTrack is a core system for any agency that uses it, but there are always other ancillary features or benefits they could get from other products.” Said Jason Quirk, FastTrack Chief technology officer. “The idea behind our open-architecture model is to let us focus on what we do best as the core business platform, whilst offering a strengthened solution provided by many partners in a single eco-system.”

Further opening the doors of what is possible, FastTrack customers can now build their own connection with other bespoke products they might develop through the API developer portal as FastTrack strives to provide the tools to help recruiters be smarter and more efficient about the way they recruit, capture time, pay and bill.

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