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'Experienced' and 'specialised' top LinkedIn’s buzzwords list 2018

New data shows that Australian professionals are highlighting skills and experience over personal strengths in describing themselves. LinkedIn has analysed the most popular words in member profiles and found that the word ‘focused’ has dropped out of this year’s list of the top 10 Australian buzzwords.

LinkedIn’s Top 10 Australian Buzzwords this year are:

  • Experienced
  • Specialise
  • Passionate
  • Skilled
  • Leadership
  • Motivated
  • Expert
  • Strategic
  • Successful
  • Creative

Compared to last year’s list, ‘specialise’, and ‘passionate’ continue to remain in the top three, while ‘experienced’ has replaced ‘leadership’ which shows that professionals are keen to highlight their capabilities. Meanwhile, ‘excellent’ and ‘focused’ have completely disappeared from this year’s list in the place of ‘skilled’ and ‘motivated.’

Shiva Kumar, LinkedIn’s head of brand and communications in Australia and New Zealand, said, “Job tenures are getting shorter for many Aussie professionals and we are seeing the rise of gig workers who take on multiple jobs. The language we use to promote ourselves to find the next career opportunity is shifting from highlighting particular personal strengths, towards skills and abilities that can be more specifically categorised.

“More and more we are seeing recruiters use keywords to identify the perfect candidates. As such, it is important that Australian professionals are using the right words in their profiles to ensure they are standing out and putting their best foot forward to land the right job.” 

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