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APSCo readies business for looming labour-hire changes

As State governments begin to finalise regulations for labour-hire licensing schemes in South Australia and Queensland in the next few months, APSCo Australia has turned its attention to assisting impacted professional staffing and recruitment agencies with the launch of its Labour-Hire Licensing Preparation Service.

Any business that supplies a worker to another entity to do work in the states that have licensing schemes in place will need to apply for a licence, regardless of whether they have an operation in that state or not.

While regulations are still in consultation phase, there are likely to be common elements that licence holders will need to comply with. Requirements include a business verification process, a financial review of the applying business, proof of industry knowledge, as well as a thorough understanding of legislative compliance.

Julie Millis, managing director of APSCo Australia, says it’s imperative that businesses understand how the labour hire changes impact them and what is involved in the licence application process.

She said, “We’ve taken a broad brush approach of circling our members with support – just like the wagons in the old Westerns. Our role here is to ensure we arm members with information that will help ready them for the upcoming changes and ensure that the process enables, rather than impedes, affected agencies.”

To complement the service, APSCo has also launched a helpline that will respond to questions on aspects of the licensing requirements for each state.

Other jurisdictions, such as Victoria, have introduced legislation, while ACT is yet to release the recommendations of their Inquiry, but a scheme is most likely to be the outcome.

For now, South Australia’s scheme will commence on the 1st of March. Companies will have six months from commencement to apply for their licence.

Queensland’s scheme will commence on the 16th of April. Companies will have 60 days from that date to apply for a licence.

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