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Demand for contingent workers in Australia continues to rise, Index reveals

Kinetic Super has introduced the inaugural edition of its quarterly Contingent Job Index report, which aims to inform Australian employers on developments in the take-up of temporary, contract and casual employment solutions on a national and state level.

Findings from the Kinetic Super Contingent Job Index – September 2017 highlight a growing trend towards contingent employment models in Australia’s job market, marked by a 43% increase in the number of advertised temporary, contract and casual job vacancies since November 2013.

During the same period, Victoria/Tasmania and South Australia/ Northern Territory have seen the fastest growth in the use of contingent labour, with a 70% increase in advertised temporary, contract and casual roles.

Contingent job vacancies are notably more prevalent in white-collar professions than in blue-collar occupations, with employers in the financial and insurance services as the fastest growing users of contingent workforce. The use of temporary and contract talent solutions in this sector is up by 50.7% over the past six months alone.

Meanwhile, the education and training industry is now the largest user of contingent staff as a proportion of their workforce at 42.7%. Traditionally, academic roles are permanent appointments. However, the recent collapse of private educational establishments following the removal of Federal Government Funding package has significantly reduced fixed-term staff appointments in the education and training sector, and resulted in an increase of contingent hires.

Commenting on the launch of the first quarterly Contingent Job Index report, Kinetic Super CEO, Katherine Kaspar, said, “We recognise that Australia’s modern workers are on the move in their lives and careers. With over 25 years of expertise and experience in servicing the recruitment industry, Kinetic Super understands contingent workers – who make up majority of our members – and their unique requirements.

“This has allowed us to offer invaluable insights into the trends and issues impacting parttime(sic), flexible and transient workers across all industries and occupations. It also underscores the importance of our ongoing commitment to educating the contingent workforce on how crucial it is to stay connected to their superannuation throughout the entirety of their intermittent careers.”

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