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Recruitment International  provides comprehensive insight and collaboration for the recruitment industry through its products and services including:
Specialist industry research & reports

Conferences & forums
Recruitment industry awards.
Jobsboard - focused on helping you to find recruiters.

RI's mission is to remain at the heart of the industry providing exclusive, original and valuable information, complemented by unrivalled networking and recognition for recruitment professionals.

Meet the team:


Contact: David Head in the UK 

Tel: + 44 (0) 1483 740874


David Head - Director -

Based in London but recognised throughout the world of recruitment, David Head has been associated with the industry for more than 27 years. In his role as CEO, David has built up a unique insight and network into the world of recruitment, especially the companies and individuals who operate in it.​  David was recently awarded the REC's Lifetime Achievement Award and remains passionate about the recruitment industry.

Teri Etherington - UK Country Manager

Teri has an extensive background working in the recruitment industry and therefore understands  exactly what recruiters are looking for. She is able to use this expertise to help your business to tailor  its campaigns to hit the right audiences. Teri organises all of the UK's products and services including its many forums, conferences and events.

Alexandra Davies - Business Development Manager -

Rebecca Jeffrey - Editor -

Rebecca is a qualified journalist who not only oversees all of the editorial content for the UK website and magazine but also for the  Asia and Australia editions. She sets the editorial calendar and has responsibility for all of its features, news and articles.

Becky Wilson - Editorial Assistant -

Becky works closely with Rebecca on all of the editorial content for the UK website and magazine providing editorial backup and expertise. She also works on the  Asia and Australia editions and looks after the news content in particular.

Lauren Sexton - Apprentice -

Lauren looks after the production of the UK magazine as well as orchestrating its social media coverage.

Alvin Tam - IT & Administration Manager -

The resident IT expert within the company, Alvin maintains RI's IT infrastructure as well as ensuring that readers and subscribers are receiving the right content.


Nick Johnston - Director -

Based in Singapore Nick established and built up Wall Street Associates which was acquired by enJapan. He knows the recruitment industry backwards and has joined as a partner to expand the RI portfolio across Asia.

Luwen Zhang - Client Relationship Manager-

Based in Singapore Luwen has direct responsibility for the products and services available through RI Asia, especially its highly acclaimed Awards programme.

Recruitment International - Standard Terms and Conditions of Advertising, Sponsorship and Payment applicable to all activity booked or other business transacted.


1. General In these Conditions:
1.1 "the Company" means Recruitment International or Recruitment Publications Ltd, Recruitment International Pte Ltd or Recruitment International Publications Pty Ltd.
1.2 "The Advertiser” means any person or company placing with the Company an order for the publication of an advertisement, sponsorship, delegate place or booking within any Company product or service.

2. Acceptance of Conditions
In placing an order the Advertiser accepts these conditions. Orders can be confirmed by post, email, text, or verbally.

3. Advertiser's Warranty and Indemnity
3.1 The Advertiser warrants:
(a) That the advertisement, sponsorship or booking is legal, decent, honest and truthful and that it complies with all Codes of Advertising and with any relevant codes of practice and with all requirements of current legislation;
(b) That nothing in the advertisement is defamatory or constitutes a malicious falsehood;

4  Cancellations
4.1 The Company may cancel the Advertiser's order at any time, and shall give Five days’ notice of the cancellation before the next due date of publication of the advertisement if practicable.
4.2 The Advertiser may cancel its order or the unexpired part of an order by giving twenty eight days’ notice of the cancellation before the next due date of publication.
4.3 On cancellation of any unexpired part of an order the Advertiser will be liable to pay back to the Company any series or special offer discounts already taken for advertisements previously published.
4.4 For front cover features the Company will levy a charge for all covers reserved or booked on a scale determined by the timescale linked to publication. Between 1-30 days 90% payable. Between 31-90 days 50% payable. Over 91 days 25% payable.
4.5 For sponsorship of Conferences and Events the same sliding scale of charges will apply, between 1-30 days 90% payable. Between 31-90 days 50% payable. Over 91 days 25% payable.
4.6 For delegate places all bookings should be prepaid and the Company may refuse entry to any delegates that have not prepaid.

5 Rates
5.1 The rates charged for the booking or order shall be those agreed and these may differ from those set out in the Company's` rate card which is subject to change at any time. All rates are in local currency and subject to local taxes.

6 Time of Payment
6.1 For Conferences Pre-payment may be required for any booking-delegate place at the Company's discretion.
6.2 Save as provided for under Clause 4.1 above, payment shall be made for each advertisement within 14 days of the date of the invoice. Should the Advertiser be in breach of these terms, or of any contract with the Company, then the full amount in respect of all advertising published and all other amounts accruing from the Advertiser shall become due and payable. The interest charged on debts via Court chasing is 8%.
6.3 The Company reserves the right to withdraw credit facilities from any Advertiser at the Company’s discretion subject to giving the Advertiser seven days written notice thereof if practicable, or forthwith upon the issue of any Court proceedings against the Advertiser.
6.4 Any query in respect of an invoice must be brought to the attention of the company within seven days of its issue.

7 Late Payments & Invoicing
7.1 The Company reserves the right to claim statutory interest and compensation for debt recovery costs on outstanding payments.
7.2 The Company shall be entitled to charge interest on all sums due at a rate of 5% above base and shall be entitled to add to any sums due any reasonable costs and expenses (including administrative costs) incurred by the Company in obtaining payment.
7.3 Invoices delivered by email have the same validity as those sent by post.